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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Pixel Golf Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


    <p>**33% off for the first week! Get it quick!**</p><p>Learn how the popular Scirra arcade game Pixel Golf works by learning right from the entire game's code!</p><p>Pixel Golf has been a labor of love for about a year and thought it was about time to share it with anyone who was interested in having the code for it.</p><p>Learn from the code:</p>

    • Scrolling through a layout using Lerp
    • How to use the LayoutTransition plugin for nice transitions between layouts
    • How to upload scores to the Scirra Arcade and GameJolt
    • How to have graphic settings for the user to turn off for FPS boost
    • The complicated math behind the shooting arrow while making your shot
    • Random rain effect
    • In game level editor
    • Using the physics engine that runs well on mobile
    • and more!

    <p>This is a really nice start of a full golf game that is set up and runs well on mobile devices. Add some new tile sets, more courses, customize it however you want and you got a full game going!</p><p>If you haven't tried it out, play the demo on the Scirra Arcade. The code is the entire code, nothing stripped out.</p><p>Fully commented!</p><p>Plugins included in Zip file</p><p>Includes the unreleased Ice Tundra tileset!</p><p>Finally, have fun and if you make anything cool with the game tweet it to me at PudgyPlatypus, I would love to see what you guys make!</p>

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