Penguin Go Home (With Source)

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    <h3>GAME PLAY</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Baby penguin wants to go home to his family in the water but does not know how. Help baby penguin go home by breaking the correct blocks so that baby penguin can slide down into the water. Avoid falling falling onto land. </p><h3>FEATURES</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • 30 levels
    • 3 types of blocks: breakable, moveable, immovable
    • Realistic physics
    • Every level is like a puzzle to be solved.

    <h3>CONTROLS</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Tap on the wooden blocks to break them. </p><p>Baby Penguin will fall down into the water below where his family is waiting.</p><h3>FULL SCREEN</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>F for full screen. ESC to cancel full screen</p><h3>TOUCHSCREEN FRIENDLY</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Playable on mobile too.</p><h3>SOURCE CODE</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Easy to re-skin</p><p>Fully commented for easy understanding</p>

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