Penalty Shooters (Game Licenses)

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You must point the ball correctly to the goal and get points.
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    <p>The stadium is full, and you can feel the pressure of the crowd while you concentrate. Is it going to be a goal or not? Are you calm and skillful enough to kick your team all the way to the finals? Check out this great, spiced with humor, football game. </p><p>How to play? Easy! To shoot, touch and hold the the screen on your device to aim. Release to make a kick. To save - press and hold (your goalie will start moving towards the pointer) and release when you're ready to dive.</p><p>Tip 1: Don't shoot always in the same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smart enough to read it! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cool and kick like a real soccer pro!</p><p>Product features:</p>

    • Free football fun
    • 256 fantasy soccer teams divided into 8 competitions
    • Humorous team names and newspaper headlines
    • Easy game play - small kids can do it!

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