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    <p>Problem:</p><p>While the Pathfinder behavior is excellent at finding paths, and moving objects around like tanks, it is not conducive for use with multiple instances. The main issue there being overlap.</p><p>This template attempts to alleviate that with the use of formations.</p><p>These formations allow the user to reduce instance collision, as well as allow for tactical placement.</p><p>Please check out the demo to see how this works.</p><p>Note that placement is simplified for both desktop, and mobile.</p><p>All you have to do to move a formation is double click, or tap where you want them to go.</p><p>Then you have buttons on top to try the different configurations, as well as add, or remove instance.</p>

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  • if i set complicated maze on big layout tanks find path from start to end?

  • Yeah, this uses the official Pathfinder behavior, so as long as it's solvable, and sized correctly it will do that.

    That's something you can test for without this.

    The template is made to help reduce instances riding on top of each other, and it gives you a choice of different formations to form at the end of the path.

    Like you might not want a grid formation in a narrow path, or a single line in a corner.

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