Painterly Elemental Icon Pack (Graphics)

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  • Painterly Elemental Icon Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store! (apparently editing this post broke the link due to my low rep sorry about that, will fix once I grind some more rep points.)This pack contains 54 icons - 6 item types with 9 different backgrounds representing each of the four basic elements plus cold, acid, lightning, death and life. Available sizes: 64x64 and 128x128 plus I've added 256x256 sources.


      Axe Bow Scroll Shield Spear Sword


      Acid Air Death Earth/Nature Frost Fire Life/Light Lightning/Electricity Water

    Frame you see in the promo is included That's also the reason why I can't separate items and backgrounds - the backgrounds just wouldn't work without the extra painting effort.As usual everything you see has been painted by hand.Hope you enjoy this set!PS. Sources are not meant to be used in-game, but rather allow you to scale down to any size you wish without losing quality. This is just a guideline, ofcourse you're free to use them however you like!

    Use this topic to leave comments, ask questions and talk about my Painterly Elemental Icon Pack

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