Online Fantasy Card Game. (With Source)

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Template for trading card game, fully documented in comments and video
  • Sounds awesome. Very generous of you to share as well!

    Happy for you to post progress here as it can give others an idea of the different directions you can take with it. Looking forward to your first WIP post too because C2 could use a few more card games and you have some interesting ideas for it.

  • Hi. I would love to buy this asset. Already got Danuvos brawler asset and im happy with the C2 results. But im afraid i wont be able to modify this asset as i intend. Would you take a comission after buy?

  • Hi omnipaws,

    The whole project is very thoroughly commented to help you make changes but yes I am available for commission if needed (to modify this project or help with any other).

  • Hi, I am considering buying this asset. How easy would it be for me to implement card packs/trading? And do decks & inventories save to local storage?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi exedys, sorry for the late reply mate.

    Decks and inventories do save to local storage. As for trading and card packs, while it isn't something especially hard to add, it's the security that would be the concern so you will want to be careful when you implement it.

    Once you connect the game with a 3rd party platform that handles transactions it won't be a big deal.

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