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Rpg action of Neves is a complete template to apply your story to create your world.
  • NEVES'S RPG DEFINITIVE TEMPLATE — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    • EN-

    <p>Congratulations developers and lovers of the development of games ...</p><p>Here's an inventory and crafting rpg template for you to apply your story and have fun with it:</p><p>* Functional Minimap</p><p>* Collection of items</p><p>* Damage and attack</p><p>* Item Shop</p><p>* Hp / mp restore</p><p>* Crafting of items</p><p>* Transport to another layout (without losing items)</p><p>* Coin collecting</p><p>* Transition to rain</p><p>How to add more items or change existing ones will be shown in video.</p><p>By purchasing this template you can duplicate a clean layout with only the important objects and just create your map: D.</p>

    • PTBR-

    <p>Congratula??es desenvolvedores e amantes do desenvolvimento de jogos...</p><p>Apresento aqui um template de rpg completo para voc? aplicar sua hist?ria e se divertir ele conta com:</p><p>* Minimapa Funcional</p><p>* Coleta de itens</p><p>* Dano e ataque</p><p>* Loja de items</p><p>* Restaura??o de hp/mp</p><p>* Crafting de itens</p><p>* Transporte para outro layout (sem perder itens)</p><p>* Coleta de moedas</p><p>* Transi??o para chuva</p><p>Como adicionar mais itens ou mudar os existentes ser?o mostrados em video.</p><p>Comprando este template voc? poder? duplicar um layout limpo s? com os objetos importantes e apenas criar seu mapa :D.</p>

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