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  • Multiple-Rooms Layout Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    Hello everyone!

    Here is the topic of my first asset : The Multiple-Rooms Layout Template. I made it in response to an issue that Scirra comrade Smileh had. The idea is to allow one to create the illusion of multiples layouts although there is only one. That is pretty useful for old-school platformer for example : it helps to build a coherent whole level instead of creating too much small layouts disconnected from each others. In fact, a lot of actual games are made this way, and not only platformers, like Zelda.

    Anyway, the method I used is really user-friendly : You visually create your rooms with objects, and then the events handle the camera for a perfect illusion! You just have to respect some basic rules (given in the documentation) to make it work.

    Try out the demo to see what it looks like in game!

    Thanks to Kenney for his graphics that I used in my template! I think everybody recognize them anyway.

    And that's all! Thanks for reading, and keep up creating!

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  • This is a great stuff. Can't wait to test it on my project.

    I would like one addiction tho. It needs some layout transition whenever the camera switches to create the actual change layout effect.

  • Thanks Smileh!

    You're right, I share a word about that in the documentation. In fact, I had mixed feelings between the fact that I didn't want the time to stop on transition, and the fact that it is a real pain to not do so.

  • I'd like to see this applied to other user's projects. My time is very limited and right now I can't afford to adjust this to my project.

  • NEW VERSION : v1.1

      * Possibility of smooth transition added : With the layoutRooms' "scrollSpeed" instance variable, you can decide whether the transition is instantaneous, or smooth with a movement of scrollSpeed pixels per seconds * Added players' "outside" instance variable and OutsideTile object allowing you to define when the player goes out of your layoutRooms (fall in a trap for example).


    You can check the

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    about the general description of the template, how it works, and how to import it in your project! Hope it will help you to have a better idea of it before making your choice! I apologize for the audio, and the english subtitles. If the video is really not clear or understandable, please tell me!

    See you!

  • hello,

    it seems that you video is private use only on youtube?

  • hello,

    it seems that you video is private use only on youtube?

    Woops! That's fixed. Thank you

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