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An addon collection that provides native mobile features for C3 and C2 game application projects.
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    <p>Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game - our most fun and genuinely game play inspired sound library yet! Filled with a thorough selection of popular game ready audio assets, Mobile Game gives you sounds that you can quickly implement inside any game to give it a familiar "hit app" game feel.</p><p>It's a pack that will bring instant familiarity to the users of your game, video or motion graphics production. With Mobile Game you unlock a lovable mixture of musical stabs, modern & retro pickups, crafting essentials, tonal and organic game trinkets, upgrades, power ups, a variety of coins, bubbles, UI and much more Mobile Game fun.</p><p>Packed with RTUOTB (Ready to use out of the box) sounds to save you bunches of time in development and sound design.</p><p>578 files</p><p>All files in .Wav 96k 24bit</p><p>Inspired by popular best selling app games</p><p>Total weight 891.9 MB</p><p>Includes Soundminer metadata</p><p>Musical Stabs</p><p>Tonal Designed Organic FX</p><p>Crafting</p><p>UI/Menu</p><p>Pick Ups</p><p>Upgrades</p><p>Bubbles</p><p>Potions</p><p>Mechanisms and Contraptions</p><p>Objective Completes</p><p>Coins</p><p>Building things</p>

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