Mechatoon Game UI (Graphics)

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    <h3>Mechatoon Game UI</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>A complete set of Game User Interfaces with Controllers for build games, suitable for any genre of games.</p><p>Features:</p>

    • 10 different Themes window.
    • 10 different Elements.
    • Already Buttons and Controller
    • Prebuilt Screens (Main Menu, Options, Highscores, Text Box, Upgrades, Map, Shop, Level Selections, Pause, Summary/Level Complete screen, HUD)
    • Already included in separate image files, dont hesitate!!! it�s ready to use. (filetype .png).
    • Include vector files for your color customizing. (filetype .svg, .eps, .ai)


    • SVG files you can open with Inkscape (Free Open Source Software) or proprietary software you have, and export in any image size.
    • SVG files can open perfectly in inkscape and other graphic programs.

    <p>For more details please see screenshoots, Thank you very much ^_^.</p>

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