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  • Local Co-op with Gamepad Support — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


    <p>NOTE*** To test the local co-op you will need at least 2, or up to 4 Gamepads. It will recognize how many controllers are available at the character selection and adjust automatically. </p><p>Also, due to browser restrictions, you must hit a button on the controllers for them to be recognized. The first gamepad will still also be by the Keyboard, so you need at least 2 gamepads to test multiple players.</p><p>This template is barebones 4 player local co-op with GamePad and Keyboard support. First player is controlled by keyboard AND/OR The first Gamepad. It is quoted to help you understand it. </p><p>There is a character selection screen with 6 characters to choose from (more can be easily added). It's built to easily implement new characters and their Run, Idle, Jump and Fall Animations. These are also easy to implement. The code is built to be copy and pasted should you make any changes to the player mechanics.</p><p>DEMO - dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104143348/COOP%20Template/index.html%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3ESo far I have:</p>

    • Platform Behaviors for 4 players (all platform mechanics are coded to the family)
    • Character Select screen - 4 players have 6 characters to choose from
    • Dynamic Gamepad addition - If a player boots up a connected controller, the character select screen automatically recognizes this and knows to allow multiple characters to select before going to the first level.
    • Can be easily modified to allow 5++ players (everything is controlled via Family Bahaviors and variables, so adding additional players is easy).

    <p>If you are contacting me via email, please make the subject |CONSTRUCT2|</p>

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