The Light Assasssin Character (Spriter Animations)

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professionally animated character with Brashmonkey Spriter
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    <p>Best for adventure games, platformer, runner, stealth and more !</p><h3>Key Features:</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • 34 stunning animations
    • unique character design
    • 100% vector graphics
    • animations exported as transparent png sprites and spritesheet
    • source files for editing and customizing

    <h3>List of animations:</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Attack Bow Shoot</p><p>Attack Kick</p><p>Attack Shuriken Throw</p><p>Attack Smoke Grenade Throw</p><p>Attack Sword</p><p>Edge Balance</p><p>Crouch Idle</p><p>Crouch-to-Idle</p><p>Death</p><p>Disappear</p><p>Exhausted</p><p>Forward Roll</p><p>Hang</p><p>Hit From Behind</p><p>Hurt</p><p>Hurt Idle</p><p>Idle</p><p>Idle-to-Crouch</p><p>Jump Fall</p><p>Jump On Air</p><p>Jump Start</p><p>Jump Up</p><p>Pull</p><p>Push</p><p>Run</p><p>Slide A</p><p>Slide B </p><p>Slide Wall</p><p>Surprise Moment</p><p>Swap Smoke Grenade</p><p>Swap Weapon Bow</p><p>Swap Weapon Shuriken</p><p>Swap Weapon Sword</p><p>Walk</p><p>Walk Angry</p><p>Walk Sneak )</p>

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