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A simple Map Editor that where you can edit a map with restriction or totally. You can save and load the map created.
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    <p>The Advanced level editor is here</p><p>*******************</p><p>you can put this editor in your game to give power to players to make their own levels in game</p><p>********************</p><p>this editor can be used in any game like racing,rpg,platform and so on to make customize levels</p><p>*******************</p><p>you can select object from the inventory and drag on the position where you want to assign the object...</p><p>the object are collision free so you can import any thing like trees for decoration in the platform game....</p><p>to make them alive just use the collision pen to draw collision lines...</p><p>*****************</p><p>feature</p><p>drag object</p><p>resize object</p><p>flip object</p><p>rotate object</p><p>draw collision lines</p><p>delete collision lines</p><p>Delete objects</p><p>Zoom in</p><p>zoom out</p><p>save</p><p>screenshot of the created level and more</p><p>********************</p><p>The level Editor is very easy to customize and use</p><p>*******************</p><p>you can easily put the editor in your game....</p>

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  • Hola amigo he comprado esto pero no me ha servido de nada.

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