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    <p>1915 France</p><p>The Germans have begun a massive air attack on our positions. This is your chance to become an "Ace".</p><p>You've got to shoot down as many of the enemy as you can - each type of aircraft is worth a different number of points (see know your enemies screen).</p><p>You've got 500 rounds of ammo - each "Left Mouse Button Click" will deplete your ammo by 5 rounds so pick your targets. Be careful though - you are only allowed a certain number of "collisions" with enemy aircraft - if you exceed that number you'll lose the game. This is determined by the Difficulty Level you select before starting the game.</p><p>Earn a Gold, silver or Bronze medal for your performance.</p><p>Good Luck Pilot</p><p>PLEASE NOTE THIS VERSION OF THE GAME IS IN HTML5. YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME USING A BROWSER PROGRAM.</p>

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