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  • KaL Login with token — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


    <p>This is universal login and registeration form for your game:</p><p>It comes with:</p>

    • FrontEnd Login and Register Form
    • BackEnd Php Handler
    • SQL Table
    • A Temporary token for automatic login for your user.

    <p>I hope this is useful for someone. I'll be building more modules for KaL MMORTS GUI Template.</p><p>Thank you for purchasing!</p>

    Use this topic to leave comments, ask questions and talk about KaL Login with token

  • Shouldnt this be the right demo: http://kingdomofnpc.x10.mx/app/nwelogin/ ? ;D

    Strange thing is, you can register the same username several times; but when logging in only the first registration is able to recieve a token. A check for an existing username in your table would be cool when trying to register the same name multiple times. For checking if you are the right one trying to log in, its needed to check token =/= "" in this case - but a nice work; will get it for the token stuff and implement it into my script <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink">



  • if this is the right demo, then if you use a random username and random password and try to login, you get to the login page without a token.


    PS: something like this would be nice if works and if you can do it securely, I thought about it but couldn't figure how to do the encryption properly for sending to a remove server

  • Sorry for the late response!

    But i fixed all the problems:

    -fixed username already exist at the register page

    -fixed random login at the login page

    You can test out the demo now.

    Thank you for reporting me all the bugs.

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  • Demo fails domain no longer available

  • Demo is not working anymore. My server is gone. I’ll remove it now. Sorry about that.

  • Hi

    I just use your system to develop a registration form (no need password) but I made it in Construct 3, can you give me some help? I cannot made game post info into the PHP file I got stuck with this all month

  • I don’t know if this is compatible with construct 3 or not. Please contact me through google hangout chat for support.

  • I don’t know if this is compatible with construct 3 or not. Please contact me through google hangout chat for support.

    Hi, thank you again for the quick response, the systems works actually but still having an error, after POST info into my DB, the mail information doesn't reach and lose in the way, my array goes this way:

    $nombre = $_POST['nombre'];
    $telcasa = $_POST['telcasa'];
    $email = $_POST['emailreg'];
    $telcelular = $_POST['telcelular'];
    $teloficina = $_POST['teloficina'];
    $edad = $_POST['edad'];
    $ocupacion = $_POST['ocupacion'];
    $edocivil = $_POST['edocivil'];
    $delegacion = $_POST['delegacion'];
    $cp = $_POST['cp'];
    $telcasa2 = $_POST['telcasa2'];
    $list = $_POST['priv'];
    // Inicia la consulta
    $conn-> query("INSERT INTO `ft_form_2` (`col_1`, `col_2`, `col_3`, `col_4`, `col_5`, `col_6`, `col_7`, `col_8`, `col_9`, `col_10`, `col_11`, `col_12`) VALUES ('$nombre','$edad','$email','$ocupacion','$edocivil','$delegacion','$cp','$telcasa','$telcelular','$teloficina','$telcasa2','$list')");[/code:wjpycixz]
    In Construct3 with  AJAX POST method using this array:
    "nombre="&URLEncode(nombre.Text)&"&edad="&URLEncode(edad.Text)&"&email="&URLEncode(emailreg.Text)&"&ocupacion="&URLEncode(ocupacion.Text)&"&edocivil="&URLEncode(edocivil.Text)&"&delegacion="&URLEncode(delegacion.Text)&"&cp="&URLEncode(cp.Text)&"&telcasa="&URLEncode(telcasa.Text)&"&telcelular="&URLEncode(telcelular.Text)&"&teloficina="&URLEncode(teloficina.Text) &"&telcasa2="&URLEncode(telcasa2.text)&"&list="&URLEncode(priv.Text)
    IDK why all other stuff is inserted to my DB correctly, but this issue with the email drive me crazy   
    Thank you
  • The Ajax on construct 2 is a $_GET url only. I don’t know how to do $_POST on C2

  • kalcazar What about forgot password? How does the access token work? Can I just get someone to submit a username before gaining access?

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