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    <p>Jump Boy Jump is great infinite adventure game. Jump as long as you can. Avoid spikes on your path. Try to get best score and test your reflex. Enjoy!</p><p>Features: </p>

    • Infinite game
    • Fullscreen mode
    • Admob ad integrated (interstitial)
    • Touch and Mouse controls
    • Playable in all platforms (android, ios,windows, PC)
    • Use "cocoon-ads" plugin, "Lunarray.litetween" and

    <p> "text_proporties" behaviours (included in folder, explain how </p><p> to install in documentation provided).</p>

    • Included Constuct 2 file (.capx), html5 game files, apk file

    <p> in buyers pack</p>

    • Documentation(included in folder) explain how to; open

    <p> project, install plugins and behaviours, edit project </p><p> proporties, admob configuration and deploy game to your website </p><p> </p>

    • Resolution: 960?540
    • You can export project for android, ios, windows using

    <p> Cocoon.io. Follow this tutorial: </p><p> youtube.com/watch v=3MTjb_Lne44&t=221s&list=WL&index=10</p><p>How to reskin game:</p><p>If you want to edit source code of the game, you will need to have a license of the program. But to reskin the game, you have to replace images in the "jump_boy_jump_html" folder(included in buyers pack).</p><p>Replace music and sound effects in media folder. In "config.txt" replace external links with yours. And, that's it. You have your own reskin game.</p><p>In documentation, provided, you can see how to export project for android, but you can also export for ios windows, also for desktop(html5 game). Also, you can use ludei service(cocoon.io) for export project.</p><p>No programming knowledge needed for reskin game. </p><p>Google Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/details Game Link: gamezastar.com/jump_boy_jump/jump_boy_jump_html/%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3EHow to export project for android and ios: youtube.com/watch </p><p>Other tutorials: gamezastar.com/Tutorials.htm%3C/p%3E

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