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  • Hey everyone.

    I hope I am not breaking any rules with this post.

    I just wanted to give a shout out to "jmneto", who sells games on the Asset store. I would leave a review on every game on the asset store for him if I could, because they are all solid and well made games. I very much recommend him, if you are looking for a particular starting base for a game you have in mind. He may have a game that will speed up your development.

    I reached out to him 2-3 weeks back, looking to purchase his collection of games. He's a great guy, and is very helpful if you run into any issues along the way using his games as a template for your own. Highly communicative via email :). I did not purchase through the Asset Store, because I had found him elsewhere, before realizing he is also selling them in the Asset Store here as well.

    I'm not affiliated in anyway, besides just owning, and have tested each of the games he sells in the Store. Some of them are very similar to others, so it may be worth finding exactly what you are looking for, to work with as a starting base for your next game. Or just reach out to him, and see what he thinks might work well for your next project.

    Thanks again for everything, jmneto. Wishing everyone the best in their endeavors. Have a great day :)

  • I'm so glad you enjoyed my games! And thank you so much for the words here in this publication! Hope you have success with purchased games! And once again thank you friend! :)

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  • My pleasure :). Keep up the great work!

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