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    <p>This is a fully automatable jigsaw puzzle template. Provide and image an the number of pieces across and down, and the image will be broken up into the appropriate pieces, and shuffled on the page. The image will be auto-scaled to provide the most optimal fit. Puzzle can be solved with a press of a button. All pieces auto-lock when dropped within the tolerance specified. There is a clicking sound for the puzzle interlock, a shuffle sound, and a puzzle-completed sound.</p><p>Fully commented code. Photoshop and Illustrator templates of the puzzle pieces included.</p><p>Requires the Paster (https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=88750&start=0) and LiteTween (https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=70700&start=0) plugins.</p>

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  • Hello,

    First of all, i bought your game and it's very nice. But i encountered a bit of a problem:

    • I made another layout like a fake menu before your menu, so i can use more games link, but when i added the action : on tap object go to layout "Menu" it just wont work.....I tried to put the event in all the event-sheets but still no response. What am I doing wrong.
    • I have to mention that I am making this game for mobile so i changed the layout to 640;360....is this going to work or not.

    Salved the first problem, but i just cant make it work with the re size of the layouts and puzzle and pieces

    Best regards,


  • v1.0.1 is available. Cleaned up the Menu layout so that the puzzle dimensions can be set from the menu code, for both landscape and portrait modes.

    (Addresses twimstudio's issue).

  • Hi Blackhornet,

    Can I use your source capx file to create a new web game?

    Your license seems very restrictive but I see Twimstudio is generating a new mobile game

  • Please note: the license has been upgraded to Royalty Free Licensed Assets License.

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  • Version 1.1 now includes extra features. Lock-In-Place will present the image faded in the background, and pieces will snap into place to the background image, rather than to their neighbour. Options to Save the puzzle and load it later, highlight just the edge pieces, shuffle the non-connected pieces, and show the original image have been added. See the "Christmas Card Puzzle Sample" demo for these new features. (Easy mode shows the Lock-In-Place function.)

    Current users should download the latest version.

  • Hi,

    Can this import a user picture from their PC or just get it from an online web base?


  • Mayfly

    Yes. You can use FileChooser to load a local image. You will have to do some extra work to crop/center the image, since you have no control over the dimensions. Arbitrary dimensions won't always fit the puzzle layout nicely.

    Here's a quick sample: http://www.blackhornettechnologies.com/bcg/games/puzzlefilechooser/

    Use the Choose File button at the top.

  • v1.2 now includes an animated puzzle example.

  • Hello

    I bought today JigsawPuzzle V2.0. Why is the 'filechooser' option on the demo missing? (Http://www.blackhornettechnologies.com/ ... lechooser/).

    In addition, the 'Image address' option (via the URL) does not work ... Is this normal? Thank you



    J'ai acheté aujourd'hui JigsawPuzzle V2.0. Pourquoi l'option 'filechooser' comme sur la démo est absente? (http://www.blackhornettechnologies.com/ ... lechooser/).

    De plus l'option 'Ardesse de l'image' (via l'URL) ne fonctionne pas ... Est-ce normal? Merci

  • zookd

    Just add the FileChooser object onto the menu screen and add this event.

    Browsers don't like cross-domain access by default. There is a comment in the code about this, and you may have to deal with this yourself. The rules can be quite picky. If you try the official demo, it works. In the FileChooser demo, the address is missing the www. prefix. If you add that, you'll see it works again.

  • Hello

    Thank you very much for your quick reply

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