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    <p>Jade UI is a flexible and light Graphical User Interface that can be used in mobile (android, ios, etc...) and desktop games. All GUI elements are in photoshop vector and can be easily scaled without losing quality.</p>

    • PSD file with vector elements
    • Transparent PNG sprite sheet
    • Most elements can be tiled, no need to edit the PDF file to make a button or longer or match with another one

    <h3>Elements included</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • Background pattern
    • Panel / window (with list variant)
    • Panel / window headings with tabs, buttons and arrow buttons
    • Tileable buttons with different shapes and sizes, tab buttons. All in 3 states (pressed, semi-pressed and normal)
    • Form controls (radio, checkbox, textfields, switch, slider)
    • Level select buttons with bronze, silver and gold stars

    <p>Note: fonts and icons not included. Used in the mockup image: fontAwesome (icons), Brandon Grotesque (font)</p>

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