Isometric Soldier (Graphics)

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Over 1700 16x16 pixel art RPG icons for item and skills
  • Isometric Soldier — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Pack contains isometric soldier sprites with 18 animations (stop, idle, crouch, walk, fire, throw grenade and many more)all in 16-dir for smooth movements.</p><p>After buying this template you will receive:</p>

    • all 928 individual soldier frames
    • 57 sprite sheets cataloged by animation name
    • 272 sprite sheets cataloged by animation angle
    • 13 extra sprite and sprite sheets for bullet, grenade, rpg launcher and shadow.
    • project file with interactive presentation of all sprites and animations
    • project file with example game level to see them in action!

    <p>(To open project file you will need Construct 2 r173 or above)</p>

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  • Wow,

    To all who are interested in this package. The video and the preview do not show the actual quality of this package. I bought it and took a look at the individual frames and they're much sharper and of a higher quality than the video and preview show. I really like it and think it's more than worth the money.

    Great price / quality / quantity.

    I'm looking forward to more products (mainly characters, civilians and such, that could be used together with this package)

  • MagnumForce Thank you for kind word.

    I was planning making few more stuff to add to the collection but unfortunately I lost all of my sources for that project when my HDD died

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