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    <p>An isometric template using the pathfinding behavior, and line of sight to make a diablo type movement.</p><p>Features:</p><p>Uses a 2d layer to simplify game making using the iso projection method.</p><p>Stand ins for 8 direction animations(simplifies adding your own graphics).</p><p>Optimized to use with modern mobile devices (including touch)</p><p>Includes some basic ai to get you started.</p>

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  • If theres enough interest, I'll do some video tuts for this.

    The capx is commented, but it occurred to me that a new user might need some help in things like adding new objects, as well as how to edit the 2d layer.

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  • Just some constructive feedback:

    Pathfinding cells are pretty large, on a fullscreen desktop the player controlled square will stop when lightly touching any destination cell, so it feels a little weird when you're clicking a spot but the square doesn't move because it's already overlapping by a pixel or two

    8direction animation doesn't always line up well with the angle of movement (particularly there is an angle of up and right that looked really unnatural)

    No move on touch hold. Diablo style movement lets you move the character continuously towards the mouse when the button is held down, and initiates the path find on mouse release.

  • Its all adjustable. The "bones" should all be there to mod as you like.

    As to the rest, its based on the Pathfinder behavior so it has to deal with the constraints of the behavior, like constantly finding a path is too much for mobiles.

  • Now gluten free!

  • Now gluten free!

    lol looks awesome its just awesome ...

  • There's not much else to do to it other than do the pathfinding, and movement differently.

    I was hoping there would be an easier way to address those issues using the existing plug, like a change in how the movement is done, but official plugin work is on hold while they figure out C3. Aka no editor based paths, and then I'm not going to use third party plugs in something I sell in the Scirra store.

    I have figured out a way to deal with it, but it would mean not using the movement part of the plug, which seems kind of backwards.

    Plus it's kind of mathy, and the idea of the template was to make it easy as possible.

    If I were to make such a change I would sell it separately, but include it in the existing template for people who have already purchased that to download.

  • Please help!

    I'm a newbie and purchased your template. Now I would like to get some further information or some tuts, ie adding new objects...


  • OK, I just have to figure out how to do that.

  • Great. Just found out I can no longer do screen capture.

    Thanks for the warning Microsoft.


    Can no longer do window capture, can do screen grabs.

    I'll do a text with images tut.

    Off to cropping hell.

  • I've uploaded a very simple capx of how to add more enemies via the family system.

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