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Pack of sprites for RPG games, characters and their customization, interface, inventory, icons, environment elements.
  • Ice Cream Shop — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <h3>25% off, celebrating release!! Price will be $14.99 soon!</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>It's ice cream time! Ready to run your own ice cream shop? This is a complete 2D art package for customer serving games. Please note this is not a game package. It contains all the art and graphics you need to make a game. </p><p>PACK CONTAINS: </p>

    • 6 characters/customers with 3 different emotions each (Normal, Happy, Angry)
    • 6 flavored icecream
    • Cones and cups
    • Ice cream counter
    • Containers, trays, cleaners, POS Screen, coin stack
    • Lots of syrups, dips, and toppings
    • Refill and unlock options with empty trays and containers
    • Essential game UI elements
    • Level screen UI elements
    • Beach background
    • See the screenshots for all items included

    <p>Each image comes in 3 different sizes - Large, Medium, and Small. All are in PNG format on transparent background. </p><p>Adobe Illustrator vector files are included. You can scale as you wish. </p><p>Don't forget to leave a rating! :) Have fun!</p>

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