Heroes of Canaan (Game Music)

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A basic music collection of classic raw 8-bit music and stingers for any 8-Bit styled game.
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    <h3>Perfect for 8 bit style adventure games, platformers, RPG and more!</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • All music tracks are loop-able and comes with a 30 second version.
    • Loops flawlessly in wav

    <p>Video Preview: youtu.be/iKJxnkTaFOw%3C/p%3E%3Ch3%3EAlbum contains:</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Music</p><p>1. HoC - Battle_loop (0:56)</p><p>2. HoC - Main Theme_loop (1:10)</p><p>3. HoC - Town_loop (1:20)</p><p>Stingers</p><p>1. HoC - Game Over_loop (0:08)</p><p>2. HoC - Game Over (0:11)</p><p>3. HoC - Level up (0:03) </p><p>4. HoC - Monster Appear_01 (0:02)</p><p>5. HoC - Monster Appear_02 (0:02)</p><p>6. HoC - Negative Jingle_01 (0:08)</p><p>7. HoC - Negative Jingle_02 (0:03)</p><p>8. HoC - Positive Jingle_01 (0:03)</p><p>9. HoC - Positive Jingle_02 (0:02)</p><p>10. HoC - Victory Fanfare_loop (0:06)</p><p>11. HoC - Victory Fanfare (0:11)</p><p>Extras**</p><p>(Could be used to end the music tracks or simply use them for trailers!)</p><p>1. HoC - Battle Intro_loop (0:10)</p><p>2. HoC - Battle_30s (0:35)</p><p>3. HoC - Main Theme Intro_loop (0:13)</p><p>4. HoC - Main Theme_30s (0:37)</p><p>5. Hoc - Town_30s (0:34)</p>

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