Happy Music Pack 1 (Game Music)

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6 looping tracks to use in your games and projects. These tracks are in the style of the 1960s detective movie genre.
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    <p>Happy Music Pack </p><p>Now with 11 songs, and 24 files!</p><p>Here is the all around pack of the happiness with the happy music pack. No more bad mood when these little happy tunes play! </p><p>ALSO AVAILABLE IN BUNDLE </p><p>Perfect fit for funny games, children games and everything fun! </p><p>Professional licensed tools are used in the production process with latest quality plugins.</p><p>Full quality wav versions, which can be compressed when needed, in the Unity editor.</p><p>Music files are compatible with any Unity version, the required version stated is from my installed Unity.</p><p>Preview is found IN THIS LINK </p><p>Songs in the pack:</p><p>Happy Rainbow Islands</p><p>Bunny Is So Funny</p><p>Little Hannah</p><p>Happy Rainbow Islands 2</p><p>Bunnies Are Sleeping</p><p>Happy Rainbow Islands 3</p><p>Bunnies Are Playing</p><p>Funny Toys</p><p>Lazy Bunnies</p><p>Sunny Islands</p><p>Longer and shorter loops included for some titles, some have tailed versions too, see the filenames.</p>

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