Halloween Music and Sound Effect (Game Music)

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  • Halloween Music and Sound Effect — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


    <p>Welcome to the brand new Halloween Music and Sound Effects Pack 2017, made exclusively by Cafofo for you!</p><p>Here you will find a complete (and spooky) collection of 111 audio files, divided into fresh music, stings, and events, background ambiances soundscapes & sound effects for your spooky projects.</p><p>Tasty pumpkins, mad witches, vampires and haunted mansions, here we come!</p><p>Package content:</p><p>Music:</p><p>This pack comes with eight seamless loop music files, suitable for lots of game genres and moods.</p><p>Stings and events:</p><p>Eighteen little musical phrases that you can use for special events in your game, like a "level up", when you lose the game or when a ghost appears!</p><p>Background ambiances:</p><p>Comes with fourteen seamless loop audio files like scary winds, rains, and creepy drone atmospheric soundscapes.</p><p>Sound Effects.</p><p>Seventy-one high-quality sound effects, ranging from bats, witch laughs, evil creatures, horror voices, and interface sounds.</p><p>More info:</p><p>1) We strongly recommend using ".wav" files for looping audio as they loop seamlessly, but if you need the ".mp3" version just contact us and we will provide you.</p><p>2) If you need exclusive content just contact us here or email us at hello@cafofomusic.com</p><p>3) Free lifetime upgrades =)</p>

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