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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
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    <p>This is a MUST HAVE for any serious Platform enthusiast and the price is unbeatable.</p>

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    <p>We are giving you the full source of our published Gravity Plataformer. Move effortless between flat and round surfaces. Change to your own players and enemies! The work is done for you. There are a couple of tutorials out there about gravity but believe me, that is barely an orientation, there is still MUCH MUCH work to do and they will never give you the source of their fully published game. The price of this project is a bargain by all standards. We include you Our beautiful MENU, that unlocks the levels as you beat them. This is included at no extra cost. Plus in our different levels you have different layouts that you can use out of the box with your own characters or modify. Don't let this opportunity slip! You buy this template, add your own characters and you have a fully functional game ready to publish in a couple of days. Don't miss this limited time opportunity.</p>

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