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    <p>Gradually revealed text is ideal for presenting NPC speech, tutorials, and story reveals. The letter-by-letter reveal style creates the illusion of the text being spoken (which is nice for immersion).</p><p>Designed with dev-simplicity in mind, the user has the option to customise:</p>

    • Text reveal speed.
    • Fade times.
    • Triggering events.
    • Closure conditions (automatic vs. special events).
    • Quick end conditions.

    <p> </p><p>A single function call can set almost all of these right off the bat - making context-specific use from anywhere in your game really simple. </p><p>This template even caters to impatient users (by default) by letting them immediately reveal any remaining text with a simple screen tap (and then close it with another).</p><p>This project started out as as a template for speech bubbles, halfway through development it became obvious that you could easily replace the speech bubbles with almost any other artistic framing device (or even the complete removal of one). For example, you could replace the fading speech bubble with a constant (non-fading) area that presents the user with a non-intrusive, non-distracting dialogue option.</p><p>If you have ideas for features you'de like seen in this template (as part of future updates) leave a comment or PM me and I'll see what can be done.</p>

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