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    <p>Geometry Helper (GH) is a plugin with many useful helper functions. </p><p>How often have you spent time trying to align your sprites, say 4 and 5 menu items in two straight lines and later rearranged them in a different manner? How to find the meeting point of two lines? These questions we face everyday can take away considerable amount of our programming time. Well, Geometry_Helper can help you solve some of those.</p><p>Suppose you need to arrange 3 bees around a Snail. That is not very bad. How about arranging 37 of them? G.H. relieves you from all the mathematical computations for achieving this using a standard two step process. 1) Set Up the function. 2) Get the points by passing only the position numbers 1 through 37.! </p><p>Code for Setting Up GH is very easy, with minimal learning curve. </p><p>Now when you are close to the release, your design engineer says it will be better to have 39 bees and not 37. Oops! Now you will have to make so many changes and test everything again..??..!! NO!! Just change the 37 in the Set Up and make it 39. One line of change and that is all..!!</p><p>Particularly when you are trying to design screens for supporting multiple screen sizes, Geometry Helper can save you hours of hard work.</p><p>Future.</p><p>I will keep adding new functions to GH in future, as and when I get same request from considerable number of people. Or I will keep updating the sample capx to show how a requested scenario can be achieved using GH.</p><p>Please read FAQ!</p>

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  • is c3 compatible or do you know if there is a similar one for c3?

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