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    <h3>Garden of Eden - Music Sound Pack</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>This pack will fit nicely into any light-hearted, beautiful and fantasy project. Contains music that is smooth and pleasing with some light piano rhythm. Music so it can loop continuously without being annoying. Sound effects are also designed to fit well with the music!</p><p>Video Preview: Contains:</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Music</p><p>1) GoE - World Map </p><p>(Comes in 3 different lengths)</p><p>Item 1: (0:36) ? Trailer/Cut Scene Version</p><p>Item 2: (1:23) ? Standard Version</p><p>Item 3: (2:16) ? Extended Ambient Version</p><p>2) GoE - Prologue </p><p>Item 1: (0:35) ? Trailer/Cut Scene Version</p><p>Item 2: (1:01) ? Standard Version</p><p>SFX</p><p>1) GoE - Choir Negative</p><p>2) GoE - Choir Positive</p><p>3) GoE - Defeat Fanfare</p><p>4) GoE - Event Negative</p><p>5) GoE - Event Positive</p><p>6) GoE - Mission Success Jingle</p><p>7) GoE - Neutral Jingle</p><p>8) GoE - Postive Shimmer</p><p>9) GoE - Victory Fanfare</p><p>[Credits]</p><p>Artwork by Kel Kes (Kelvin Tan)</p>

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