Future Urban Mercenary Character (Spriter Animations)

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    <p>Features: </p><p>unique design and character</p><p>smooth, fluent 40+ animations</p><p>amazing quality fx (muzzle flash, smoke trail & explosion)</p><p>100% vector</p><p>exported animations as png sequence and spritesheets</p><p>source files included for editing and modifying</p><p>List of animations</p><p>aim 45 down shoot</p><p>aim 45 down</p><p>aim 45 up</p><p>aim 45 up shoot</p><p>aim straight</p><p>bazooka shoot</p><p>cover hide</p><p>cover idle</p><p>cover unhide</p><p>crouch aim</p><p>crouch death</p><p>crouch hurt</p><p>crouch idle</p><p>crouch move</p><p>crouch shoot</p><p>death a</p><p>death b</p><p>death c</p><p>dizzy</p><p>enemy spotted</p><p>forward roll</p><p>hurt a</p><p>hurt b</p><p>idle a</p><p>idle b</p><p>knockback</p><p>last stand</p><p>pull</p><p>push</p><p>reload</p><p>roll loop</p><p>run</p><p>run shoot</p><p>salute</p><p>salute idle</p><p>shoot</p><p>slide</p><p>slide wall</p><p>throw grenade</p><p>walk</p><p>walk aim</p><p>walk shoot</p><p>Are you interested? More characters here Cyberpunk Character Pack</p>

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