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    <p>It's 1985 - the Soviet Pact countries have reached the peak of their military might and have decided to remove the NATO threat to the west once and for all.</p><p>Soviet tanks are advancing through the Fulda Gap. Their tanks are supported by Hind and Havoc attack helicopters. </p><p>You will be flying an Apache AH64 attack helicopter armed with "air to surface" missles and a chaingun. </p><p>Use your missles to destroy the enemy tanks and your chaingun to shoot down the enemy choppers. Destroy the enemy while protecting our Abrams tank assets.</p><p>Earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal based upon your performance.</p><p>Good Luck Pilot...</p><p>PLEASE NOTE THE GAME FILES ARE IN HTML FORMAT - YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME BY USING A BROWSER PROGRAM.</p>

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