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    <h3>FPS on Rails Template</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Do you want to create a game inspired by great classics as Operation Wolf? Make your dream true with this template!</p><p>This template is for Construct 2 & 3, you can use it to create your own First Person Shooter on Rails.</p><p>The template is fully commented, and a 23 page document with explanation, examples and suggestion for improvement is included.</p><p>Template Features:</p>

    • 4 different type of navigation during the game
    • Customizable and expandable array with 3 different weapons
    • Customizable and expandable array with 3 different characters
    • HUD showing different representations of bullets
    • Parallax effect
    • Zoom IN & Zoom OUT effects
    • Mouse automatically aligned with parallax and zoomed imaged
    • Map Layout to choose next location or mission to perform
    • Character Layout to choose your favourite hero
    • System for different kind of in-game collectable items
    • Enemy counter to determine when the level is completed
    • Holes appears on walls and trees when shot
    • Particles effect for blood, damaged trees, wood, glass and terrain
    • Destructible tilemap with tile replacement
    • Sound localization to understand location of sound source
    • Screenshake
    • Screen changes colour when player is damaged
    • Drop of Pick Up items when enemies are destroyed
    • Two different example of enemy movement and attack
    • Manual weapon reload system, featuring different reloading types
    • In-game messages for the player

    <p>Art, SFX and Music by PixelBoy (https://pixel-boy.itch.io/)</p>

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  • UPDATE (Template & Demo completed)

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