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    <h3>FlightLess</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>In a world where birds cant fly, tap to jump, from land to land, collecting gold coins along the way. Use the power ups, while avoiding incoming meteorites to take this flightless, but fearless, birdy home safely.</p><p>Game Facts:</p>

    • Everything in game is explained, from tapping on a screen to game-over.
    • Easy to use power-ups
    • Great graphic's
    • Game controls explained in game
    • Achievements
    • Great background music and sounds
    • User friendly controls
    • Smooth game-play
    • As a in-game store that uses coins
    • Four beautifully made maps

    <p>Game File Facts:</p>

    • All usage for controls clearly defined
    • Easy to adjust
    • Very descriptive so you can learn points for your own builds
    • The Game is fully ready to go on the Apple app store (using intel xdk)
    • Perfect setup for someone learning Construct 2 and a great asset for Pros!

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