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  • v1.04 submitted to the store for approval.


    Editor property: Texture scale. To set the render scale of the webGL texture, compared to the image texture dimensions. Scales up to 2048x max.


    - Object type is ignored.

    - Object inst is ignored.

    - Object type is in shadow list.

    - Object inst casts a shadow.


    -Texture scale. You can scale up the render texture to improve the quality of the shadows, or you can scale it down to conserve image memory.


    - Number of shadow objects.

    - Shadow object UID at index.

    - Number in ignore list.

    - Ignore object UID at index.

    - Texture scale value.

  • Update submitted to the store for approval.



    Rendering issues with tilemap objects have been fixed (the Flashlight image was not updating properly because of inconsistent returns of the glwrap.lastTexture0 variable).

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  • v1.06 submitted to the store for approval.

    Bugfix - If Flashlight was set to cast shadows from Flashlight-Shadow behavior objects the it threw an error if the behavior was not in the project. Fixed.

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