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    <p>1945 Germany</p><p>Pilot the famous P51 Mustang fighter plane as you escort American Bombers flying over Germany during the wanning days of WW2.</p><p>The Germans aren't beaten yet though - they have just unleashed their latest weapon the ME262 Jet Fighter.</p><p>Protect the bombers from the German fighters as they deliver their bomb load.</p><p>Shoot down as many German fighters as possible while you insure that an acceptable number of bombers make it through the mission.</p><p>Three different levels of difficulty are available to challenge you. Earn medals based upon your performance.</p><p>Good Luck Pilot...</p><p>PLEASE NOTE - THE GAME FILES FOR THIS VERSION OF THE GAME ARE IN HTML5 FORMAT. YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME USING A BROWSER PROGRAM.</p>

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