Female Dark Thief Character (Spriter Animations)

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    <h3>Female Thief 2D Game Character</h3><div class="deshr"></div> <p><h3>Drawn in Illustrator - animated in Spriter - tested inside Construct 2</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p><p>The female thief is suitable for platformer /sidescroller games. Put her in an endless runner game, beat'em up, stealth like and similar adventure games. She has over 20 high quality animations and is ready to be part of your game! </p><p>Key Features:</p>

    • 20+ animations
    • customizable drawings
    • editable animations
    • source files included
    • 100% vector
    • animations exported as png frames and spritesheets
    • character exported as separated body parts and spritesheet

    <p>List of animations:</p><p>1. attack sword</p><p>2. bow shoot</p><p>3. crouch</p><p>4. crouch-to-idle</p><p>5. climb idle (side)</p><p>6. climb walk (side)</p><p>7. death</p><p>8. forward roll</p><p>9. hang idle</p><p>10. hurt</p><p>11. idle a</p><p>12. idle b</p><p>13. idle-to-crouch</p><p>14. jump a ( jump start)</p><p>15. jump b (mid-air)</p><p>16. jump c (falling)</p><p>17. jump d (landing & recovering)</p><p>18. run</p><p>19. slide</p><p>20. throw</p><p>21. walk</p><p>22. wall slide</p><p> </p><p>Have questions? Need help? Contact me.</p><p>Cheers Moonstar</p><p>The female thief matches with The Black Thief Character Sprite</p>

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