Fantasy Mobile Game Interface (User Interfaces)

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    <p>Fantasy Mobile User Interface? features more than 60 high quality elements made in high resolution. The package contains all the elements you may need to produce a suitable interface for your fantasy game.</p><p>! The interface is non vector, most of the interface effects are hand painted and cant be scaled up. Anyway you can scale it down because its done in high resolution.</p><p>! Pushed states of the buttons/elements are named "PRESSED".</p><p>GUI Elements Included:</p><p>? Levels Window</p><p>? Achievemen Window</p><p>? Character Window & Container</p><p>? Store Window</p><p>? Level Complete Window</p><p>? Menu</p><p>? Two Spell Frames</p><p>? Login Box</p><p>? Settings Window</p><p>? Controller</p><p>? Two Action Buttons with Icons</p>

    • Three Unitframe Bars

    <p>? Loading Bar</p>

    • 9 Buttons with Icons (3 variants)

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