Explorer Music Volume 1 (Game Music)

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    <p>The Journey begins.</p><p>Mystic, tense, melodic, enchanting music for the exploring games of all kinds.</p><p>The series have that curious feeling of new worlds and new things.</p><p>All tools are pro and properly licensed and songs are exported as full wav quality.</p><p>Files have faded/tailed versions, looped versions and shorter loops for maximum value.</p><p>Titles in the Explorer Music Volume I are: </p><p>01 - New Opportunities </p><p>02 - The Charmer </p><p>03 - The Horizon</p><p>Yours to use by licensing. </p><p>Technical Details</p><p>Number of wav audio: 3 unique, 15 including the excerpt loops</p><p>Number of Audio Cues: 3 unique, 15 including the excerpt loops</p><p>Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs</p><p>Does music\audio loop: Yes</p><p>How many minutes of audio provided: 8min 25sec unique content, 18min 28sec including the excerpt loops</p>

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