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    <p>Getting the right look for a ship exhaust can be tricky, these are quick and easy and will look good on practically any shipdesigns.</p><h3>video/demo</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>The looping animation is placed & pinned on top of the ship, theres no extra blending used, but you can!, you can combine effects or even use them on other things then ships, like projectiles, asteroids, ...</p><p>The lazershot was created with a green lazer from Lazer FX, the extra flash was actually the same type lazer but scaled up and shown for 2 frames when shot</p><p>I'm also looking to create the background fast stream in a future pack</p><h3>Features</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • 5 different styles of exhausts, with cool names ;)
    • stretch, resize for different shapes
    • small size, excellent for mobile
    • "fire" has two versions, regular and strong
    • ship included!

    <p>Any questions? Let me know, Have fun!</p>

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  • AnD4D

    wanted to reply here on your rather harsh review

    I do my best to show the assets as close to what you get, I show images of different looks, i show a lengthy video or demo, so you see how the animation looks (using the exact same images included in the pack) and additionally you can check exactly what images you get in the product filebrowser. I cannot make what you think it will look like..

    so i just find it strange you call it ugly and jumpy, as everything is clearly shown, i cant help thinking you are using it wrong, you can get the exact same look in construct2 as shown in the demo.

    The double exhaust was the initial & only look, I added the other one on request, and added an example of it, (yes by modifying the original) if that strikes you as lazy, then so be it

    anyway, for anyone having trouble getting the same look as in the demo, im always happy to help

    furthermore one of the reasons I made these, is the ability to produce the exact look as in my ship presentations but within construct2, with particles system this is hard to do, I already used the same animation in my launchplatform recently and i quite liked the result.

  • vtrix My apologies for coming across as harsh, but I guess I was thrown by "will practically fit any shipdesign". This statement is seemingly true, so long as it's a single engine, or the engines are very close together. My ship has engines quite far apart, so seeing the left and right engines was just disappointing. That, and only 6 frames of animation, running at a smooth 60 frames a second meant that the engines were looping 10 times a second. I had to lower it to 30 frames per second to make it look better, played around with some effects, edited the animation, and included some particles to make it look better.

    It's alright now, but I guess I was expecting something similar to:

  • That, and only 6 frames of animation, running at a smooth 60 frames a second meant that the engines were looping 10 times a second. I had to lower it to 30 frames per second to make it look better,

    'm curious...

    Couldn't you just change the speed in the animation properties to compensate? Or am I missing something?

  • Lancifer Sure, that's what I did. 60 down to 30. I could have lowered it some more, but that made the jerky animation even more noticeable.

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  • AnD4D

    Ahh, nevermind. I mistakenly thought you lowered your game's FPS to 30 to get the animation to look right.

    I'm coming from Clickteam Fusion, where we can change the game's frame rate with a simple click in the panel.

    Don't mind me. I'm still learning. Thanks.

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