Easy Module #2 - Listview module (Game Templates)

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    <h3>Want to make a SCROLLABLE item list, but don't know how to do it?</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>We know that user interface plays an important role for a game. Sometimes we need a scrollable list view for player to choose item or character. Building a scrollable listview is not a easy task even for a medium level C2 user. </p><p>Now you can add a fantastic scrollable listview for your existing projects simply by copy this module to your project! The author of this module leverages his successful experiences on last popular product - Easy Module 1 - Dialog module , and develop this brand new product for all C2 fans. Come to try the demo now!</p><p><div class="deshr"></div>Can this module make a character list?<h3><p><p>YES. Please see our character list demo. The most exciting thing is - our module supports data sorting which is hard to implement in C2.</p><p></h3><div class="deshr"></div>Can this module make a inventory bag?<h3><p><p>YES. Please see our simple item bag demo. </p><p></h3><div class="deshr"></div>Feature list#</p>

    • One function call to start listview
    • Zoom effect
    • Opacity tween effect
    • 4 ready to use themes
    • 5 detailed tutorials (44 pages)
    • 5 steps installation
    • Fast after service (commented from customers)
    • Total 317 events (template + demo)

    <p>* Special thanks to rexrainbow 's great plugins!</p><p> <TaffyDB>, <GridControl>, <TagText>, <Function2>, <TweenTasks></p><p>* You'll need C2 personal/business/educational license because this module exceeds 100 events.</p>

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  • Is there a C3 version of this?

  • No, because this template uses lots of plugins from rexrainbow. And these plugins won't be supported in C3.

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