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    <p>This template is a conglomerations of my previous works, massively improved on to allow much more user customization.</p><p>This template package contains:</p><p>Custom controls package, custom touch controls, on screen controllers, Bo's 200 sound pack, trirectimo, skimbob gone fishing, pool, and cups games. It has a basic platformer starter package including textures, and a starter racing game, along with a load, save game system. A game over screen, a video control menu system to simulate 3d, sound & video options, screen shot manager,achievement system, basic ad setup scripts, a custom mouse cursor with animations, and much much more.</p>

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  • What plugins are required?

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  • Requires a standard personal use construct 2 licences. There is families in use, and has literally close to 1000 events. Nearly all if not all of the free use licences restrictions are surpassed. It is a very complex template ment to have a starting ground for user-control over their games with it. If you already have a game made it is easy to implement so long as you edit each point in input. It has several games used with it to show you how to do it, and even has a video options menu to show off how to get moving in 3d space menus.

  • The "Arcade" 3d space, is that ray casting?

  • No its fake 3d it's prerecorded video files playing. Sorry if it's misleading that is what I mentioned by simulates 3d menu. This is how most games like half life 2 do their 3d menus they just use bik formating from what I remember.

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