Drag and Drop Inventory System (Game Templates)

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    <h3>Drag and Drop Inventory System</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>You can make your Inventory looks fantastically easy to use with this innovative template easily and effortless.</p><p>The drag and drop behavior is fully compatible with mobiles and computers, also, it's light and speedy.</p><p>This template is a work thought to be easy to use, also, as it don't use families, arrays and plugins, you can use it with a Free License of C2. The events are fully commented in every step and the logic are simple to follow thanks to the debug system on screen while in preview mode.</p><p>It is a work in progress, it means that I'll be updating this template over time with more features and improving performance, reducing events and even more, free of charge. Desiring something else and don't knowing how to implement or found a bug, unstable behavior or just want make a question, drop me a message and I'll help you.</p><p>If you're new to Construct 2, you'll be able to manipulate it with minimal knowledge, plus the support of this template on the forum will give you confidence to implement, exchange or simplify the system easily.</p><p>As an older user, I believe this template is the first of it's type, with Inventory, Dropped Bag and Equipment Behaviors ready to be used in any game, including RPGs, Adventures, Shot'n'Run, and an infinity type of genres where an inventory is always welcome.</p><p>Learn from it and show me your game, I want you success with style. Thank you!</p><p>Features:</p>

    • Easy drag and drop system;
    • Inventory behavior;
    • Equipment behavior;
    • Dropped Bag behavior;
    • Trash can behavior;
    • Awesome slime behavior;
    • Awesome moon;

    <p>Thank you!</p><p>Changelog</p>

    • R1.00 - Release to the public;

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  • Updated to Release 1.01 wich turns it full compatible with Construct 3.

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