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Pack of sprites for RPG games, characters and their customization, interface, inventory, icons, environment elements.
  • 5000 Complete game assets — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


    <p>5.000+ Complete game assets!</p><p>What?s in the box?</p>

    • 14 complete audio background tracks (regular price in total: $25,-)
    • Sound effects: 100+ monster sounds
    • Sound effects: 500 8-bit sounds
    • 20 complete backgrounds including the original SVG?s so they?re all customizable in the free software tool Inkscape
    • Buttons: hundreds of different blank buttons
    • Texts: hundreds of different game texts: add them to the blank buttons and create your own unique buttons. All texts in 11 different fonts!
    • Game icons: hundreds of different game icons (different colours, different shapes, with or without borders etc)
    • Colorwheel shapes: thousands of regular shapes (Circles, rectangles, triangle, polygons) in all colours of the colorwheel
    • Seamless patterns
    • Diamonds
    • Plants / trees
    • Building material: create your own buildings / houses / sheds with hundreds of different doors, windows, wood textures etc
    • Blocks: again hundreds of different blocks in all the colours you wish to create your own platforms
    • Weapons
    • Rocks
    • Clouds: very realistic clouds to add to your backgrounds
    • Isometric objects

    <p>What else do I need to know?</p><p>The collection will be updated regularly by ourselves but also on your requests. Are you missing objects or items? Send us a mail and we?ll see what we can do to create the things YOU need!</p><p>What?s next?</p><p>In the near future we?ll be creating more audio tracks and sound effects.</p><p>At the moment we?re working on animated sprites.</p><p>More Isometric art will also be added.</p><p>And of course additions of objects depending on your requests!</p>

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