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    <h3>What you buy here?</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • Cocoon Ads Extra plugin for C2 & C3
    • Capx with implementation example

    <h3>What is Cocoon Ads Extra?</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>It's an improved version of Cocoon Ads plugin which works both for C2 and C3. Please read the Features for more details.</p><h3>Features</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • Compatible with C2 and with C3,
    • Works with WebView, WebView+ and Canvas+ (please read "C3 Notes" section below for more details),
    • Allows code minification on export (that was not possible with Cocoon plugins till now)
    • Built-in Test mode as a plugin property (no need to set up AdMob for tests/development process),
    • Does not trigger JS error on PC preview like official plugin,
    • Banner and Interstitial Ads included

    <p> </p><h3>C3 Notes</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>As mentioned before this plugin works with C3 and also with C3 Canvas+. However you must keep in mind that C3 is still in beta and even though this beta is currently pretty solid it still may give some unexpected results.</p><p>Right now both banners and interstitials works flawlessly with WebView and WebView+. However C3 app with Canvas+ gives me endless screen flickering. I can clearly see the banner and Interstitial are loaded and triggered so I know it works but the entire screen flickers. I believe this will be fixed in the near future yet for now it doesn't work as expected.</p><p>So a quick wrap up: </p>

    • C2 works with WebView(+) and Canvas+ flawlessly,
    • C3 works flawlessly with WebView(+) but Canvas+ gives flickering for now

    <h3>Rewarded Videos Ads</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>I got already asked what about the rewarded video ads. I have already made Cocoon Rewarded Video Ads plugin some months ago (Rewarded Video AdMob for Cocoon). It's just for C2 so far but I should update it soon to be compatible with C3 as well.</p><h3>Warranty</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>I'm a full time programmer, in case of encountering any issues, please send me an email, I'll fix it ASAP.</p><h3>Want to be notified about updates?</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Join my Discord server: my FB:

    Use this topic to leave comments, ask questions and talk about Cocoon Ads Extra

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