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11 loops of RPG, chiptune/8-bit music. Suitable for any pixel art game.
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    <p>CHIPTUNE MEGA PACK</p><p>This asset pack contains 43 genuine chiptune music compositions for use in your projects.</p><p>They were composed on and recorded from a real Commodore 64 sound chip known as the SID Chip.</p><p>There are also 4 bonus tracks recorded from Commodore Amiga,Sega Megadrive/Genesis,Spectrum 48k and Spectrum+2 sound chips.</p><p>They are all therefore genuine 8 bit (or 16 bit in the case of Sega and Amiga) chiptunes for that unique retro experience.</p><p>All the music in this pack was composed by Rob Southworth using a large variety of both native and cross platform tools:-</p><p>For the Commodore 64 Sid Tunes - DMC Editor v4 (Native Tracker)</p>

    • Cybertracker v1.2 (Native Tracker)
    • GoatTracker v2.73 (Cross Platform Tracker)

    <p>For Amiga Chiptune - Protracker v3.15 (Native Tracker)</p><p>For Megadrive/Genesis Chiptune - Deflemask v.11 (Cross Platform Tracker)</p><p>For Sinclair Spectrum 48k - Beepola v1.08.01 (Cross Platform Tracker)</p><p>For Sinclair Spectrum +2 - VortexTrackerII v 1.0 (Cross Platform Tracker)</p><p>All fantastic tools and highly reccomended if you want to create your own real chiptunes.</p><p>The music will fit a huge variety of creative projects fron videogames to Youtube videos and once purchased you are free to use them</p><p>in any way that best suits your projects.</p><p>There is over one and a half hours of real,nostalgic,retro uniqueness on offer in this massive bundle with enough variety to give your </p><p>project that special touch.</p><p>All the chiptunes in this pack can be listened to for free at my website where you wil also find support and information about the assets I create.</p>

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