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6 looping tracks to use in your games and projects. These tracks are in the style of the 1960s detective movie genre.
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    <h3>Casual Game Music Pack</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Catchy, fun and upbeat music for the Main Theme and the Map Theme. For Levels 1- 3, music is chill and soft so that players can concentrate on puzzles in game without being distracted by the music. Pack also features a bonus level where the game gets more tense and exciting. Store music lets the player feel relax while browsing through in-game purchases. All the ESSENTIAL music and stingers you need for your game! </p><p>Video Preview: class="deshr"></div><p>1. CGM_Main Theme - FULL (0:31)</p><p>2. CGM_Map - FULL (0:38)</p><p>3. CGM_Map - Intro (0:08)</p><p>4. CGM_Map - No Intro (0:31)</p><p>5. CGM_Level 1 - FULL (0:59)</p><p>6. CGM_Level 2 - FULL (0:56)</p><p>7. CGM_Level 2 - (no per.) (0:56)</p><p>8. CGM_Level 2 - 30s (no per.) (0:32)</p><p>9. CGM_Level 3 - FULL (1:05)</p><p>10. CGM_Level 3 - No Melody (1:05) </p><p>11. CGM_Bonus Level - FULL (0:35)</p><p>12. CGM_Bonus Level - Rhythm Only (0:35) </p><p>13. CGM_Store - FULL (0:34)</p><h3>Stingers & Jingles</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>1. CGM_Game Win 1 (0:04)</p><p>2. CGM_Game Win 1 (fast) (0:03) </p><p>3. CGM_Game Lose 1 (0:04)</p><p>4. CGM_Game Lose 1 (fast) (0:04)</p><p>5. CGM_Game Win 2 (0:04)</p><p>6. CGM_Game Lose 2 (0:02)</p><p>7. CGM_Game Lose Jingle 1_loop (0:08)</p><p>8. CGM_Game Lose Jingle 1_loop (fast) (0:07)</p><p>9. CGM_Game Win Jingle 1_loop (0:08)</p><p>10. CGM_Game Win Jingle 1_loop (fast) (0:06)</p><p>[ Format ]</p><p>wav - stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit</p>

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