Can't publish bundles.

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  • I set up properly the discount of my and 3rd party assets but I keep getting the same error (even starting the bundle from scratch) every time I try to publish it.

    "Total bundle discount must be at least 10%, currently your bundle total discount is only 0%. "

    It might have due to the recent changing of single licenses?

    In the page before the bundle list there is this message:

    "Bundle Items

    Your bundle must include at least one of your own items. Bundled items are sold with with single licenses only. Items can be discounted 0% to 100%, but the final bundle must have at least 1 discounted item in it."

    Does it means that we can't sell unlimited licenses at this stage?

    Thank you

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  • Can you link me to the bundle in question please? (The edit page)

  • Ah nuts, bear with me on this. The making one project prices optional has made a lot of really complicated changes in bundles. It looks like I might of just broken your bundle. I'll update this thread when it's all good to go.

  • Right, sorry about the problem. If you can edit your bundle and add back in items that may of been lost in my edit - then try to publish. Let me know here if it doesn't work still.

  • Thank you Tom.

    Items are all there, but unfortunately I get the same error message.

  • Nothing, I tried again to create the bundle from scratch, but still same result.

    I got also an error while I was creating the bundle, like if the website crashed (something like 'ooops... that's infortunate, not your fault' (sorry, I didn't noted down. Then refreshing the page it went back but was trying to add by itself an asset (the last one Spooky Background) that I didn't want to add.

    In the end I managed to add all the required asset with proper discount and still get the same error while publishing.

    This is the history of my attempt:


    My first attempt originally created before the change with unlimted license, I re-added the assets after the changing.

    I renamed adding "_OLD" in the title and then proceeded to create 2)


    This is the one that I recreated before posting the bug and gave me the issue. It's the same you have tried to edit.

    Just a few minutes ago I added "_OLD 2" to the title after reading your post and seeing that the result was still the same. Then I have created 3)


    Once again, I have created everything from scratch, but got the same error.

  • This should now work - can you publish it?

  • It works now, thank you.

    The only issue I have noticed is that the discount isn't matching, not sure if some weird rounding are happening.

    The total bundle before discount is $67.82

    The discount is 20% and that is $13.564 (that I assume becomes $13.56)

    Therefore the discounted price should be $54.26

    Now, not only the discounted price is shown as $54.28 but also the discount label shows -19%. That's even more weird, because a 19% discount should be $54.93

    I tried to apply the discount individually for each item, but the result is wrong even with those rounding.

  • 54.28/67.82 = 0.80035387791

    1-0.80035387791 = 19.96%

    We always round discounts down to nearest percent so we can't be accused of misrepresenting the percentage off for special offers. If you discount one of your items slightly more it will push it over the 20% mark.

  • I see, but it should be $54.26 and not $54.28, still under 20% anyway.

    Not a big deal because they are just small numbers :-)


  • Tom is it normal that bundles can't be edited?

    I don't have any option to add or remove on item, neither to edit the discount.

    Do I have to delete the bundle and start over every time there is an adjustment, or perhaps there is a minimum time that has to be past before a bundle can be edited?

    Thank you.

  • For design reasons, once a bundle is sold it cannot be edited.

  • I see, however we haven't sold any of the bundles yet, and still can't edit it.

  • Hi Tom,

    I am a co-creator within this bundle. Though when I go my seller account, and look at my bundles, I am unable to see our coop bundle.

    Is this because I am not the creator of the bundle?

    Would it be possible to make it so I can still see this bundle, because my assets are contained within it. Even as just feature that I can view, without editing.

    Thanks !

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