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    <p>C2 Wheel of Fortune is a prototype template that can be customized in any direction.</p><p>Supports Web fonts, local languages, RTL, for web, phone or almost any platform.</p><p>You can compete for cash and prizes, just like contestants on the actual game show. Get it implemented to solve puzzles/quizzes in a variety of categories and still even the biggest classic game concept !</p><p>How to Play?</p><p>Spin the wheel and earn score.</p><p>Have in built strong Leader-board.</p><p>The best aim is to hit Jackpot, a score of 1000 and applaud.</p><p>Click girl for awesome animation.</p><p>Salient Features:</p><p>Cute animated 3d character with three different animations.</p><p>Its own leader- board (require server with php)</p><p>Pagination tool with 100 top scorers.</p><p>Wheel graphics ai file included, you can change design as per your requirement.</p><p>Wheel sound effects included.</p><p>Sound fx with high & low scores.</p><p>Bg music is for demo, replace with your own.</p><p>Social share Facebook share, Twitter share & Google + share.</p><p>Separate help documentation to setup php files and social share.</p><p>Local storage</p><p>Before uploading the game ensure that you have set up leaderboard as described in the documentation.</p><p>Download documentation here. (Also included in source)</p><p>https://goo.gl/dGlzZr</p>

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  • Hi!

    i need to manage how many users win the game.

    is it possible in your game?

    i want to use wheel of fortune on the conference.

    one user will be able to play only one game.

    And i will give presents to winners.

    But i can give only 40 presents per day.

    How can i limit it in your game? is there any mechanic tricks to do that?

    Thanks a lot!

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