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    <p># C2 Memory Matrix is HTML5 game written in construct 2 and is based on memory retention. Challenge your memory by wining 500 point in 3 trials. </p><p>The games have currently 3 levels, but can be helpful for creating more complex levels. </p><p>Over 400 icons used and runtime and random creation of elements</p><p>How to play?</p><p>Click ready-set-go to load the game.</p><p>Remember the sequence of icons displayed and reproduce the same sequence.</p><p>Win 500 points in 3 trials.</p><p>Use option button to change the animation/speed.</p><p>Ready to be deployed for android, windows, ISO & HTML5 platform.</p><p>Some free resources used are :</p><p>http://opengameart.org/content/ui-sound-effects-library</p><p>http://dakirby309.deviantart.com/art/Metro-UI-Icon-Set-725-Icons-280724102</p><p>http://opengameart.org/content/river-at-8pm</p>

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