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    <p>This Construct 2 JSON Manager tool enables you to easily manage nested data structures (of dictionary and array objects). The visual editor makes it easy to see and edit each set of data. The exported .json file can be imported directly into Construct 2 using the AJAX plugin (or copy the string and paste into the editor). </p><p>Summary of actions:</p>

    • Create blank dictionary or array objects inside each other (unlimited nesting).
    • Paste additional AsJSON strings into arrays and dictionaries; these will be recognised by this editor so you can go into them and further edit as required.
    • Delete rows / columns of array data and delete keys of dictionaries.
    • Undo action to correct your mistakes (within the current edit level).
    • Change the displayed X / Y axes.
    • Use the zero array cell contents as axis labels - optional.
    • Save the current data separately from within the whole data structure.
    • Save the whole data structure at any time.
    • Alerts you to duplicate dictionary keys.
    • Search function.
    • Navigate using the arrow keys.

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